3 In 1 Face Wash

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Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and oils that provide exceptional freshness and maximum nourishment to the skin, moisture, softening, elasticity as well as silicic acid that encourages the exfoliation of the upper skin layer and the opening of clogged pores and thus helps the skin cell regeneration process. The result: a healthy looking skin that feels wonderful.Mask - will give the editor deep nourishment. Contains magnesium that helps maintain the skin's natural moisture and clay that helps soothe and absorb excess fat from the skin. Exfoliation - Enriched with jojoba granules to remove dead cells and rejuvenate the skin and olive oil that helps soothe the skin. Wash - The wash is enriched with oils and vitamins for thorough cleansing of the skin. Without parabens Sulfate Free. Vegan.
Mask: Apply to facial skin, wait 3 minutes and rinse well with water. For use 2-3 times a week Exfoliation: Massage the facial skin in circular motions and rinse with water. For use 2-3 times a week Wash - Gently massage the facial skin and rinse with wat
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